Engineering Services

Empower provides the complete range of following EPCM Services Contract, Framing and Tendering, Detailed Design and Engineering for Construction phase of EPC/ STK/Contracts and Techno commercial evaluation of tender.


Piping Engineering play a vital role in development of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Refineries, Power Plant, Fertilizers Industries and of re-construction of Plants, related to EPC. Piping engineering services include:

  • Design Basis
  • Plot Plan
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Piping Studies And Routing - Project Specific Standard Development
  • Stress Analysis
  • Piping Material Specifications
  • Isometrics / Spool Drawings - Piping Routine (2D & 3D)
  • Stage Wise MTO
  • Piping And Related Specifications, TBA And Purchase Recommendation - Piping Material Engineering & Procurement Assistance (MTO Calculation For Estimation & Procurement)
  • Pipe Support Standards
  • Reverse Engineering (As-Built Updating)
  • Revamp Engineering

Equipment Engineering

Our team members are experts in dealing with Static Equipment including storage tanks, vertical and horizontal pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, towers, reactors, condensers, and evaporators. They are familiar with various international codes and standards like ASME Section VIII Div-I and Div-II, API 650 and API 653. Equipment Engineering Activities Include:

  • Equipment Design Engineering - Design Basis, Specifications
  • Equipment Stress Analysis (FEA)
  • ASME Design Calculation - Mechanical Data Sheets, Design Calculation Of Static Equipment / Rotating Equipment
  • Fabrication Drawing - Fabrication Drawings Of Static Equipment
  • Tank Design And Stress Analysis
  • Vendor Data Review And Approval
  • Skid Mounted Packages Like Desalter, Test Separators, TEG Packages Etc.,

Civil and Structural Engineering

C&S Engineering Services includes:

  • Design Of Superstructures For Refinery And Petrochemical Unit - Design And Detailing For Multistoried Buildings, Process Buildings, Control Room Buildings, Utilities Buildings, Office Blocks, Substation Buildings Etc.
  • Foundation Design - Foundation For All Types Of Equipments Including Static And Rotating With Dynamic Loads & Siesmic Zone Considerations, Based On Geotechnical Reports
  • Excavation Back Filling Surplus - Foundation For Storage Tanks
  • PCC
  • Shuttering
  • Design And Engineering Of Skids And Modular Structures
  • Pipe And Cable Rack Structures - Steel Pipe Racks And Pipe Supports. Equipment Platforms & Equipment Supports, Anchor Blocks For Pipelines
  • Design Of Foundations For Large Process Equipment
  • Preparations Of Materials Requisitions (MR's) & Materials Take Offs (MTO's)
  • Technical Bid Evaluations (TBE's)

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Electrical Engineering Service includes:

  • Cable Sizing
  • Cable Tray Layouts
  • Load Calculation
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Generation & Updating Of Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Preparation Of Layout (Earthling/Lighting)
  • Power And Control Cable Design & Layout
  • SCADA I/O List
  • Interface Activities With Civil / Machinery / Instrumentation
  • Coordination With Civil For Floor Openings, Electrical Equipment Foundation, And Plants
  • Electrical Data Input For Packaged Equipment
  • Design Basis
  • Electrical System Studies (Rating Of Major Electrical Equipment / System Losses, Harmonics, Analysis And Grid Distortion Studies, Short Circuit Levels & Motor Starting / System Stability)
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Technical Specifications, TBA And Purchase Recommendation
  • Electrical Load List
  • Selection Of Cables
  • Cable Routing, Cable Schedules And Data Sheets
  • Stage Wise MTO
  • Functional Wiring Diagrams
  • Cathodic Protection, Potential And Interference Current Surveys, Corrosion Mitigation Measures
  • Vendor Drawing Review For Electrical Equipment, Systems Etc